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Physics Crossword 1

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3. For uniform motion, velocity is the same as the average ______ at all instants.

5. Motion in a plane can be treated as _________ of two separate simultaneous onedimensional motions along two perpendicular directions.

8. The product of force and time, which is the change in momentum of the body remains a measurable quantity. This product is called _______.

10. Study of motion of objects along a straight line, also known as ______ motion.

11. The total momentum of an isolated system of interacting particles is _______.

13. The shape of the trajectory of the motion of an object is not determined by the acceleration alone but also depends on the _______ conditions of motion.

14. ______ means ‘resistance to change’.

15. The result of every measurement by any measuring instrument contains some uncertainty. This uncertainty is called _____.

1. If the net external force on a body is zero, its _______ is zero.

2. ______always occur in pairs.

4. In ______, we study ways to describe motion without going into the causes of motion.

6. An object that is in flight after being thrown or projected is called a _______.

7. Basically, the difference is that a _______ is associated with a vector but not with a scalar.

9. If an object moving along the straight line covers equal distances in equal intervals of time, it is said to be in _______ motion along a straight line.

12. The Aristotelian law of motion may be phrased thus: An external force is required to keep a body in _______.

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