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Chemistry Crossword 1

[WpProQuiz 1]

6. The natural unit of angle is _______

8. The change from solid state to vapour state without passing through the liquid state is called_______

11. In transverse waves, the particle motion is_____to the direction of propagation of the wave.

12. The pressure-volume curve for a fixed temperature is called an _______

13. ______ principle helps in explaining blood flow in artery.

14. ______is a measure of disorderness in the system.

15. Temperature at – 273.15 °C is designated as______ .(8,4)

1. In _____, heat is transferred between neighbouring parts of a body through molecular collisions, without any flow of matter.

2. If the system is insulated from the surroundings and no heat flows between the system and the surroundings, the process is_______

3. Steady flow is achieved at low flow speeds. Beyond a limiting value, called critical speed, this flow loses steadiness and becomes ____.

4. Pressure is a _______ quantity.

5. This dynamic lift due to spining in a ball is is an example for _____ effect.

7. The path taken by a fluid particle under a steady flow is a ______.

9. The elastic property that determines the stress under compressional strain is the ______of the medium.(4,7)

10. _______is a measure of total heat content of the system.

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