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Chemistry Crossword 2

[WpProQuiz 4]

2. The number of reacting species (atoms, ions or molecule) taking part in an elementary reaction, which must collide simultaneously in order to bring about a chemical reaction.

4. Non-reducing sugars

9. Name the gas used in diving apparatus?

10. The antibiotic which -As=As- linkage

12. Which defect in solids shows no change in the density of solid(7,6)

13. The solidified copper obtained has blistered appearance due to the evolution of SO2 and it is called as____copper

14. The number of collisions per second per unit volume of the reaction mixture is known as___ frequency

1. Name the oxide of phosphorus one P-P bond(14,4)

2. There are some substances which at low concentrations behave as normal strong electrolyte, but at higher concentrations exhibit colloidal behavior due to formation of aggregates

3. Name the halogen which is more reactive than interhalogens.

5. Name the thermosetting polymer which cannot be reused or remoulded

6. The group of enzyme that converts starch to maltose

7. Name the drug used in speciality packaging orthopaedic devices and in controlled release of drugs

8. _____ is a metallurgical method for separating metals from an ore or alloy

11. The material on the surface of which the adsorption taken place

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