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JEE Mains Paper Analysis Day 3(Shift 1): 9, Jan 2020

S. No Section No of Questions Good Score Difficulty Level *
1 Physics 25 72+
2 Chemistry 25 74+
3 Mathematics 25 81+
Total Good Score ** : 227+ Easy Medium Difficult

* The difficulty level of a section is assessed as a function of both the toughness of questions as well as deviation from expected pattern. This analysis is based on the memory of our students. We will update as and when we have more information.
** Good score is defined on the score that will give a 98+ Percentile
Sectional Analysis
1.Physics :

IPE 1st year IPE 2nd Year
55 % (~12 /22) 45 % (~  10/22)
Module No. of Qs Notes
Mechanics I ~3 Units and Screw guage concepts were easy, Motion in a St line a little time taking
Mechanics II ~6 Theoretical and formula based expected models, a mix of easy and medium difficulty, but moderately time taking
Thermal Physics ~ 3 A question from KTG is unexpected, but other from fluids and KTG is easy
Wave & Optics ~ 3 Questions from optics are a little difficult, but waves was breather
Electromagnetism ~6 A mix of easy to difficult questions. One question from electric charges and field was tricky
Nuclear Physics ~1 Formula based expect model from DNM


IPE 1st year IPE 2nd Year
52 % (~ 13 /25) 48  % (~ 12 / 25)
Module No. of Qs Notes
Physical Chemistry I ~6 Easy questions and a mix of theoretical and calculative. Stoichimetry has taken major share in questions.
Inorganic Chemistry I ~4 Easy, theoretical and less time consuming, the most favorable area.
Organic Chemistry I ~3 One unexpected model, all theretical and a little time taking than the others
Physical Chemistry II ~ 4 A mix of easy and medium questions, calculative. One question from each chapter solid state, solutions, electro chem and kinetics.
Inorganic Chemistry II ~ 4 One question from Coordination compounds was time taking, but  graphical question from metallurgy and others were not time taking
Organic Chemistry II ~4 Questions based on Mechanisms and reactions were time consuming compared to other models


IPE 1st year IPE 2nd Year
 44% (~11 /25) 56  % (~  14/25)
Module No. of Qs Notes
Trigonometry &
Algebra I ~ 3 Familiar question types from Matrices and Trigonometry
Geometry I ~4 Questions based on Product of vectors, St Lines & Plane were easy
Calculus I ~4 Question from LMVT was difficult and unexpected,

Differentiations, Continunity and Rate Measure were easy

Algebra II ~6 Questions from Binomial, Complex Nos, P&C, Probability and Measures of Dispersion were easy ,  Theory of equations was of moderate difficulty and time consuming.
Geometry II ~2 Question from Ellipse was a little  time taking but from circle it was easy
Calculus II ~4 One question from Integration was tricky and unexpected, remaining were familiar and easy from DI, DE
Functional Algebra ~2 One question each from Series and MR, both on expected lines.

This analysis has been put together by our in house IIT JEE faculty and Product Team with their interactions with our students who have taken the exam on the given day.

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