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JEE Mains Paper Analysis Day 2(Shift 1): 8, Jan 2020

S. No Section No of Questions Good Score Difficulty Level *
1 Physics 25 75+
2 Chemistry 25 71+
3 Mathematics 25 78+
Total Good Score ** : 224+ Easy Medium Difficult

* The difficulty level of a section is assessed as a function of both the toughness of questions as well as deviation from expected pattern. This analysis is based on the memory of our students. We will update as and when we have more information. ** Good score is defined on the score that will give a 98+ Percentile

Sectional Analysis

1.Physics :

IPE 1st year IPE 2nd Year
44 % (~11 /25) 56  % (~  14/25)
Module No. of Qs Notes
Mechanics I ~2 Easy and formula based from Units and Motion in plane
Mechanics II ~5 Questions from rotational mation and gravitation were of new model, of moderate level, while other questions were easy, to moderate level and on expected lines
Thermal Physics ~ 4 One question from KT of gases was of new model and
difficult level, while all other questions were easy, and on expected lines
Wave & Optics ~ 4 Questions from this Module were from expected lines and mostly formula based.
Electromagneti sm ~7 Highest share of Questions from this Module like previous shifts. They were easy and on expected models, with a mix of formula based and concept based questions
Nuclear Physics ~3 Questions from atoms and logic gate were of new model, of moderate level, while other question from dual nature of matter was easy, and on expected lines.

2.Chemistry :

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IPE 1st year IPE 2nd Year
52 % (~ 12/25) 48  % (~ 13 / 25)
Module No. of Qs Notes
Physical Chemistry I ~7 Titrations question was memory based, but others were a mix of theoretical, graphical and calculative. Over all module was of medium difficult and moderately time taking. Stoichiometry took big share of questions
Chemistry I ~3 Questions were on expected lines, with no surprises.
Organic Chemistry I ~2 Tricky and Conceptual questions were time consuming
Physical Chemistry II ~ 4 The question from Surface chemistry was easy, from
Electro chemistry and Chemical kinetics questions were calculative
Inorganic Chemistry II ~ 3 One question each from Coordination compound and d block, both on expected lines of easy level. Memory based
Organic Chemistry II ~6 As expected the higher focus is on 2nd Year Organic.
Questions were on expected lines but still comparitively difficult and time consuming. A test for your conceptual knowledge and memory

3.Mathematics :

IPE 1st year IPE 2nd Year
 44% (~11 /25) 56  % (~  14/25)
Module No. of Qs Notes
Trigonometry & Algebra I ~3 One question from Matrices was of time consuming, of
moderate level, while all other questions were easy, and on expected lines.Functions was easy
Geometry I ~4 Questions based on Locus, Product of vectors, St Lines & 3D were easy
Calculus I ~4 Most questions were more or less easy and of known
types, with one question (Increasing function), of a new and unexpected model
Algebra II ~6 Most questions were of easy to moderate level of known types, there was one time consuming question from Complex Numbers
Geometry II ~2 One question each from Circles and Ellipse, both on
expected lines, question on Ellipse was Tricky
Calculus II ~2 All questions from this Module were mostly on expected patterns, of easy to moderate level.
Functional Algebra ~3 All questions were on familiar models from Series,
Mathematical Reasoning and Progressions

This analysis has been put together by our in house IIT JEE faculty and Product Team with their interactions with our students who have taken the exam on the given day.

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